Bexhill Removals Packing Service

We use the best removals equipment for the job

Bexhill Home Removals believe in using the best equipment available to ensure your valuable possessions don’t get damaged when moving from your old to your new home – we know it’s extremely annoying to find that items have been needlessly damaged in transit or paint scuffed when moving furniture in and out of your old and new home.

So, in order to avoid the time and effort required in repairing damage or replacing goods, Bexhill Home Removals have invested in specialised removals equipment to nullify these problems. We can assure our customers that we won’t be cutting any corners on equipment and we’ll strive to keep our equipment inventory right up-to-date.

Some of our specialised removals equipment we use:

  • Removal blankets
  • Quilted sofa covers
  • Mattress bags
  • Carpet runners
  • Packaging
  • Reinforced plastic wardrobes
  • Double skinned walled removal boxes

Removals Carpet RunnersRemovals BlanketsRemovals Wardrobe
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