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Self-storage has become very popular in the last 10 years and if you see our latest modern facilities available you’ll see why. Most worries you may have about storage have all been answered with the complete modernisation of the business.

Our storage facilities comprise of your very own space, a bit like having a spare room, a garage or warehouse that’s your own, local and accessible. It’s your own so you can come and go as you please to do whatever you need to do. Security is a big plus when it comes to self-storage – our facilities are fully secure using the latest security technology to keep your items safe.

In terms of size you can have pretty much any size you need and it’s easy to upgrade or downgrade depending on your circumstances, for example you might put everything in to storage and then move in to a smaller house and still need a space for some items.

So, if you’ve sold your home and not quite ready to move into your new house, maybe sold up and moving into rented accommodation until you find a new home or moving abroad for a while, you may need storage. Some of our customers are on a de-cluttering exercise to free up some space while in the process of selling or they just need some spare space to store things.

Whatever your reasons for needing storage we can help you right from the pick up of your possessions to delivery to our storage depot to the pick up from storage to delivery to your new home.

With over 200,000 sq ft of safe, heated, clean and professionally maintained storage space at a number of convenient locations throughout East Sussex and the South East, we have the answer to all your storage needs.

Why might I need storage…

  • downsizing home
  • run out of home storage space
  • renovating your home
  • working abroad
  • free up space for Airbnb rental
  • university summer storage
  • taking a gap year
  • business storage
  • storing summer garden furniture
  • safe storage of tools and machinery

What type of things can I put in storage…

  • furniture
  • household items
  • clothing
  • sports equipment
  • business stock
  • archives
  • wine

…basically anything including the kitchen sink and much, much more!

Storage Tips…

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